Terms & Conditions
Thank you for your interest in Max’s Tarot. By requesting a private tarot reading, you as the client affirm that you’re at least 18 years old and that your personal tarot reading should never replace the advice of a medical professional, lawyer, judge, the police, or any other person in a position of authority. Max’s Tarot will not be held responsible or liable for any actions and decisions you take after watching its YouTube videos and your private reading. You seek the said services of your own free will. You also understand that your private reading will be deleted after 3 months from purchase or when requested by you, the client.

Legal disclaimer
Please note that my tarot readings are for guidance only. For legal reasons I have to advise you that all of the services offered from this site and on my YouTube channels have to be classified as for entertainment purposes.

Please understand that you are paying for my time to do your personal reading at the agreed amount and not for any actual or perceived results or outcomes. 

I do not offer refunds.

Thank you again for visiting this website.